Katherine Walsh-Burke Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Grief Counselor who has helped thousands of people affected by illness, grief and other challenge. She has conducted numerous workshops and authored many publications on illness and bereavement. Her contributions have been recognized by many professional organizations including the Soros Foundation's Project on Death in America Leadership Award for the 2000-2002 and the American Cancer Society's Trish Greene Award for Excellence. Other organizations and institutions for which Dr. Burke has provided support and counsel include the Leukemia Society of Western Massachusetts, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, New England Sinai Hospital, Association of Oncology Social Workers, and American Cancer Society. Her extensive academic training and credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree from Smith College, an M.S.W. degree at Columbia University of Social Work and a Ph.D. at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work. Dr. Burke resides in Amherst, Massachusetts with her husband, Rob Burke and their two children Lauren and Jessica.

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